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70% of Americans Say They Are Struggling Financially

7 in 10 Americans struggle with at least one aspect of financial stability, a new survey Finds. About 1 in 5 middle-class workers are spending more than they earn. About 20% of women Say they are stressed by money, compared with 13% of men.

The study adds to a body of research indicating that millions of American families have Trouble making ends meet even a decade after the Great Recession and as unemployment Has sunk to its lowest level in decades. For instance, centrist think tank the Urban Institute has found that 4 in 10 Americans struggle to pay for basic needs such as groceries or housing. And a Zillow report released Thursday found that roughly a quarter of renters say that affording their payments is difficult or very difficult. 

"That suggests there is a real squeeze being put on the middle class," Levy said. "Income is Not keeping pace with expenses."

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