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The 100 Most Expensive ZIP Codes for Housing in the U.S.

1. Atherton, California (94027) $7.05 million

2. Sagaponack, New York (11962) $4.3 million

3. Santa Monica, California (90402) $4.15 million

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The town of Atherton, California, is nestled in Silicon Valley and is home to, as The Guardian Recently put it, "enough Titans of the Tech industry to field a polo team." It also sports the Most expensive homes in the U.S., with a median sales price of $7.1 million, according to data From real estate website Property Shark. That's up from last year's $6.7 million home price When the tony suburb also topped the list.

Coming in at No. 2 is Sagaponack, New York, in the Hamptons on Long Island, a summertime Playground for the rich in New York City. The median home sale price for this year is a relative Bargain at $4.3 million, according to the Property Shark figures. 

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